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August 10, 2014 / danaemckee

A Good and Perfect Love Story, Chapter 18 – Our Nest Contracts/Expands – part b

RogerDana.Roger40bd 001

That year, 1994, was stressful for Roger and me. I do not know what all was happening in him, but I was becoming overwhelmed. I felt like all the responsibility for the kids and the bills weighed on me. That was unfair, I’m sure; Roger earned the money with the sweat of his brow, and turned basically all of it over to me to manage. He put in long hours at work, committing himself to the success of his company and his customers; at church he loved taking his turn once a month at teaching ten-year-olds their Sunday School lessons. We hosted a Care Group at our house mid-week, though sometimes Roger did not make it to the meeting.  A sad thing that weighed on him and on all of us that year was his mom’s failing health. Grandma Dorothy was drawing near the end of her earthly life.

Meanwhile, Ben lived in CA; he’d been there for a couple of years.  He had made his way back and forth to see us a couple of times, but we had not visited him. We knew he was no longer living with his dad, and that he’d tried renting a place with a group of guys – which did not last super long either.  Now we found that he was living with his girlfriend.  Roger and I made a plan for me to go see Ben and his girlfriend, and Ginger.  Also, a life lull presented itself (no pending moves!) that would allow me to travel to CA for a few days. I would go the middle of August.

In July we got a call from the adoption agency. Did we want to take a new baby girl? Yes! We were ready to begin our foster care journey.  We had the license, we’d borrowed a cradle and dug out our old high chair, etc. We were going to “name” her Charlotte and call her Lottie. Corrie and I went to the store to buy a diaper bag and a new little dress, then drove the five or six miles to the agency office and waited. And waited… They did not come. After an hour, we found a pay phone and called them.

“Oh, the birth mom changed her mind and is keeping her baby.”

We were glad for the baby but disappointed for us; Corrie and I both shed a few tears driving back home.  Little did we know that another baby girl was being born that day who would become very important to us.  The Lord was saving her place in that little cradle in Roger’s and my bedroom.

Two days later we got the call: “Do you still want a baby girl?”

“Great; yes, we want her!”

AllieBaby 001 AllieGirl 001 copy 2

This time Doris, from the agency, brought the baby to our house, straight from the hospital. I had to run Aaron to his tae-kwon-do class that rainy day, and hurry as I might, Doris beat me.  There she was in her little car seat on the kitchen table when Barney and I walked back into the house. We were instantly hooked on this beautiful, perfect, brown-eyed little girl. We called her Allie, and we realized that if we had gotten “Lottie” two days before, the agency would not have given us, a brand new foster family, two babies at once. We’d maybe not have ever met this little one. We felt a sense of destiny and began caring our for Allie Girl.



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